CLR Candle - Yellow


Let your colors shine through.
A zesty ease of eternal optimism. Basil combines with patchouli to bring out your boho fantasy.
Scent Layers:
Top - Orange Zest, Amber, Water Orchid.
Middle - Clove, Basil, Cardamom.
Bottom - Patchouli, Musk.
Features: This candle vessel is sleek, white matte on the outside, with vibrant yellow glazed on the inside that brightly shines through when the candle is lit. 
Size: 8oz
Material: 100% GMO free Soy Wax and perfume oils.

(Soy wax burns slower & helps release oils easily, meaning you'll get a candle that lasts longer and smells better).
CLR is made in Los Angeles by a team of women, LGBTQIA and people of CLR.